Moruo Private Markets is a dedicated Private Equity Fund of Funds and Private Markets Solutions Provider in South Africa. We take stewardship for your pension fund' members seriously and are privileged to play a role in generating growth and returns for a dignified retirement.


Driven by our Client First Philosophy, Moruo offers customised investment solutions, speaking to the specific objectives of African institutions and their local members while delivering strong financial returns and enhanced portfolio diversification. Partnering with Moruo empowers our clients to make better decisions and to build stronger portfolios.


Moruo's launch is also motivated by our aspiration to build a fully independent, black owned and black managed alternative investment boutique with on- and offshore capabilities. As we build our team, we can assure that every team member can benefit from our deep knowledge base thus building a culture of meritocracy, high performance, and impact.

Moruos’ strategic partnership with Moravia Capital Investments (“Moravia”) brings together a unique blend of local and international expert knowledge with a deep understanding of Private Markets and a demonstrable track record.


Headquartered in Johannesburg and supported by team members and offices in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and India, Moruo provides comprehensive investment coverage and access to top tier global funds for the benefit of all clients.


Your Trusted Local Partner for Global Private Equity Solutions