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The exclusivity of traditional investment strategies nowadays present a challenge to the long-term return requirements of institutional investors. Private Equity has become increasingly important for investors seeking diversification and higher investment returns. Our conviction is that these asset classes need to play a more fundamental and meaningful role within investment portfolios and our goal is to enhance the provision and accessibility to both local and international high-quality alternative investment solutions.


This need for dedicated, independent, expert and knowledgeable guidance and investible Private Equity solutions is addressed by the Moruo team with strong commitment and dedication. By actively sharing our insights in the African investor landscape and investors' risk appetite, we help our clients to build stronger portfolios while investing with clarity and conviction.


Moruo is at the forefront of what is available, suitable, and accessible to our clients. We create innovative, customised investment products with a global scope provided by a local team. Our dialogue with clients starts with an analysis of their current asset allocation. Working closely with their investment consultants, we strive to fully understand the clients' portfolio risk profiles and their investment goals. We then build in any regulatory or accounting constraints, as well as any ethical considerations, in order to recommend the most appropriate Private Equity solution for that specific client.

Moruo's key solutions:

Customised Solutions

For clients seeking customized investment solutions based on their pension fund's requirements  under consideration of their Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA).


Single point of entry to best-in-class, domestic or global Private Equity funds. You outsource your investment- and decision-making processes to a highly qualified and capable team.

Private Equity Advisory

Investors with asset class experience / need for advisory services in order to enhance investment programs or to expand internal resources (systems, staff, expertise).

Your Trusted Local Partner for Global Private Equity Solutions